Ryvarden lighthouse - accommodation

5550 Sveio

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Ryvarden lighthouse - accommodation

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Hiking on "Gullstien" - Buavåg - Hovda, Sveio

Ryvarden Lighthouse, SveioThe Ryvarden Lighthouse on Ryvardsneset is a famous landmark on the coast.

Gallery Ryvarden and the Lighthouse café, SveioThe gallery at Ryvarden kulturfyr hosts a variety of high-quality art exhibitions.

Tresneset in SveioThe North Sea Trail Mølstrevåg - Buavåg, SveioThe North Sea Trail from Mølstrevåg to Buavåg, a trip mostly along the coastline, with short parts along the road.

Hike from Ryvarden to Lyngholm, SveioThe hike to Lyngholmen goes north from Ryvarden through open coastal landscape with heather and rocks.

Round trip Ryvarden Lighthouse in Sveio, SveioA round trip on the peaceful village roads to Ryvarden Lighthouse.

North sea trail Mølstrevåg - Ryvarden, Sveio

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