E H Vaage trading station

5685 Uggdal

+47 53 43 30 00

+47 900 30 794

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E H Vaage landhandleri, bageri og dampskibsexpedition

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Haaheim Gaard - Restaurant, TysnesSavour the flavours of a bygone era in the restaurant, wake up to the smell of newly-baked bread fresh from the oven.

Haaheim Gaard, TysnesSavour the flavours of a bygone era in the restaurant, wake up to the smell of newly-baked bread fresh from the oven. Breakfast is served when the sun shines through the small window panes of our elegant guest rooms.

Cyclists at the quay in HusavikIsland hopping by bike in West Norway, StordA wonderful weekend of cycling, from Bergen and over the beautiful islands of Austevoll and Tysnes.

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Postboks 444

N-5403 STORD

E-mail: info@visitsunnhordland.no

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