Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri

Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri

© Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri

A warm welcome

A warm welcome

© Geir Einarsen

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  1. Add Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri - restaurant to your Itinerary

    Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri - restaurant


    Postboks 33
    5399 Bekkjarvik

    The restaurant at Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri is renowned for its kitchen, and its use of fresh and local ingredients. The kitchen team is managed by the twin brothers Ørjan & Arnt Johannessen. They have both made a name for themselves in different…

  2. Add Fitjar Fjordhotell - restaurant to your Itinerary

    Fitjar Fjordhotell - restaurant


    Fitjarsjøen 42
    5419 Fitjar

    From the restaurant at Fitjar Fjord Hotel you can have a great meal while enjoying the view over Fitjarvikjo bay.

  3. Add Rosendal Drivhus Restaurant to your Itinerary

    Rosendal Drivhus Restaurant


    5486 Rosendal

    The Rosendal Drivhus restaurant serves lunch in the gardeb outside the castle.

  4. Add Skånevik Fjordhotel - restaurant to your Itinerary

    Skånevik Fjordhotel - restaurant


    5593 Skånevik

    The fjord hotel´s cuisine is a crossover-inspired mix of fjord, mountain and forest ingredients.

  5. Add Smakeriet Burgerbar to your Itinerary

    Smakeriet Burgerbar


    5399 Bekkjarvik

    Low pulse. Locale produce. Homemade burgers, real Italian pizza, baked goods, coffe or wine. Grab&Go or stay.
    A culinary experience is served.

    Smakeriet Burgerbar is all about good tasting, real flavors and a reason to go out.
    We also serve ice…

  6. Add Bømlo Hotell - restaurant to your Itinerary

    Bømlo Hotell - restaurant


    Søresjøvegen 2
    5420 Rubbestadneset

    Pleasant staff serve you excellent home-made food in the restaurant at Bømlo hotell.

  7. Add Cafè, Brasserie og Bar 59° - Stord Hotell to your Itinerary

    Cafè, Brasserie og Bar 59° - Stord Hotell


    5411 Stord

    Exciting food and entertainment are important ingredients in a pleasant stay. The kitchen takes pride in providing you with a surprising and positive experience.

  8. Add Fjellstova Stord to your Itinerary

    Fjellstova Stord


    5401 Stord

    Fjellstova offers traditional "homemade" food for you to enjoy at Fjellstova - surrounded by beautiful nature. Fjellstova is situated 324 m.a.s.l. surrounded by nature suitable for hiking.

  9. Add Haaheim Gaard - Restaurant to your Itinerary

    Haaheim Gaard - Restaurant


    5685 Uggdal

    Savour the flavours of a bygone era in the restaurant, wake up to the smell of newly-baked bread fresh from the oven.

  10. Add Kaien AS to your Itinerary

    Kaien AS


    Tingvegen 74
    5555 Førde i Hordaland

    The restaurant Kaien AS serves everything from "home-cooked" Sunday dinner and traditional norwegian food to lunch and delicious dishes - so-called "fine dining".

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