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  1. Add Sunnhordland - The islands south of Bergen to your Itinerary

    Sunnhordland - The islands south of Bergen


    Hurtigbåt frå kaien i Bergen
    5401 Stord

    Discover Bergen and the Fjords south of Bergen. The Hardangerfjord Express Boat takes you from Bergen to Rosendal through an adventurous nature of mountains and fjords. From Rosendal you cycle in a varied and hilly landscape. You get to experience a…

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  2. Add Bike route Bondhusdalen valley to your Itinerary

    Bike route Bondhusdalen valley


    5476 Mauranger

    Cycling into the Bondhusdalen valley is a trip in Folgefonna National Park. This valley has attracted visitors for more than 100 years.

  3. Add Bekkjarvik – Bakkasund (65 km) ‘Smile to the west’ to your Itinerary

    Bekkjarvik – Bakkasund (65 km) ‘Smile to the west’


    5399 Bekkjarvik

    For those who would like to cycle a longer trip, a good alternative is to cycle from Bekkjarvik to Bakkasund.

    There are 26 km of excellent cycling paths from Bekkjarvik to Bakkasund. If you are going to cycle there and back, the east side of…

  4. Add Midtfjellet windpark to your Itinerary

    Midtfjellet windpark


    5419 Fitjar

    A paradise for outdoor activities - All year Midtfjellet Windpark is one of the biggest of its kind in Norway, with  its 44 windmills. With a fantastic infrastructure of roads, the mountain os now easily accissible for hiking, cycling and offroad…

  5. Add Cycling the fjords between the beautiful villages (27 km) (Skånevik - Etne) to your Itinerary

    Cycling the fjords between the beautiful villages (27 km) (Skånevik - Etne)


    5593 Skånevik

    The trip starts in Skånevik, also known as ’the gem of Sunnhordland’, among other things because of its building style that is reminiscent of Southern Norway. Why not visit during the blues festival in July? The trip to Etne heads west past…

  6. Add Round trip Litlabø and Sagvåg (18 km) to your Itinerary

    Round trip Litlabø and Sagvåg (18 km)


    5401 Stord

    Degree of difficulty: Average trail Length: 18 km Surface: Tarmac and gravel roads in places

    A varied round trip that takes you inland and along the coast. The trip starts at the marina in Leirvik. Turn right at the roundabout and continue past…

  7. Add Svortland – Brandasund (32,9 km) to your Itinerary

    Svortland – Brandasund (32,9 km)


    5423 Brandasund

    The trip to Brandasund starts in Svortland.

    In Hollundskjosen (the roundabout), turn left towards Brandasund. After 1.5 km, you come to Urangsvåg and its sheltered marina. The county road north to Brandasund is a varied, fun cycle and is narrow…

  8. Add Round trip Ålfjord (32,5 km) to your Itinerary

    Round trip Ålfjord (32,5 km)


    5559 Sveio

    1st leg: Sveio village - Førde (asphalted cycle-track except 1 km on the main road and 1km gravel road)
    2nd leg: Førde - Våga (local roads with tarmac)
    3rd leg: Våga - Krossgått - Bjelland - Sveio (local roads then cycle-track)

    Where the road…

  9. Add Malkenes – Haaheim Gaard (19,7 km) to your Itinerary

    Malkenes – Haaheim Gaard (19,7 km)


    5690 Lundegrend

    The cycling trip to the beautiful Haaheim Gaard starts at Malkenes quay, where the Hardangerfjord- ekspressen express boat calls on its way from Bergen to Rosendal.

    The route is almost 20 km long, so it’s a good thing that there’s a culinary…

  10. Add The Tysnes route (71 km) to your Itinerary

    The Tysnes route (71 km)


    5680 Tysnes

    It is possible to cycle both around and across the mountain between Onarheim and Uggdal (Fv 79 road), or take a detour out to Reksteren (Fv 83 road), the second biggest island in the municipality. The roads in Tysnes are generally narrow and follow…

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