Paddling in Fitjar islands

Paddling in Fitjar islands

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  1. Add Lundsseter - Tysebotnen - Ravatnet - Lundsseter to your Itinerary

    Lundsseter - Tysebotnen - Ravatnet - Lundsseter


    5417 Stord

    Lundsseter - Tysebotnen - Ravatnet - Lundsseter

    Stad: Lundsseter, Stord
    Map: Stord-Fitjar (1:50:000)
    Start/stop point: Lundsseter kraftstasjon
    Parking: At thepower station. Take off from E39 to Lundseter(in the road cross Førlandskrysset),…

  2. Add Roundtrip Heio – Agdesteinfjedlet – Heio to your Itinerary

    Roundtrip Heio – Agdesteinfjedlet – Heio


    5417 Stord

    Roundtrip Heio - Agdesteinsfjedlet - Heio

    Place: Stord
    Turkarte: Stord-Fitjar (1:50:000)
    Start/stop point: Parking at Heio
    Parking Take off from E 39 to Lundsseter, aprox. 800 m  north of Ådland bridge, (or at Førlandskrysset 4 km longer…

  3. Add Litlabø - Bjødnahiet - Litlabø to your Itinerary

    Litlabø - Bjødnahiet - Litlabø


    5417 Stord

    Place: Litlabø

    Map: Stord – Fitjar  (1 : 50.000)

    Start and stop point: The mining museum: Gruvemusèet, Litlabø. Round trip. The path starts next to the tower.

    Parking: Take off from E39 west of Leirvik cennter, on road a road signposted…

  4. Add North Sea Trail Stord to your Itinerary

    North Sea Trail Stord


    5417 Stord

    Leirvik - Rydland

  5. Losskøyta Hardsjø


    5392 Storebø

    Losskøyta -  an old boat from 1950 takes 22 passangers, and will take you on a guided tour around Austevoll. This guided tour have to be preebooked

  6. Add Opsangervatnet Lake to your Itinerary

    Opsangervatnet Lake


    5460 Husnes

    The lake has a good trout population and, in addition, a somewhat smaller population of sea trout. Easy access for «family» fishing. One area is adapted for handicapped people.(Husnes centre), Boats for rental. For further information, contact…

  7. Add Round trip Litlabø and Sagvåg (18 km) to your Itinerary

    Round trip Litlabø and Sagvåg (18 km)


    5401 Stord

    Degree of difficulty: Average trail Length: 18 km Surface: Tarmac and gravel roads in places

    A varied round trip that takes you inland and along the coast. The trip starts at the marina in Leirvik. Turn right at the roundabout and continue past…

  8. Add Around Siggjo (27,3 km) to your Itinerary

    Around Siggjo (27,3 km)


    5440 Mosterhamn

    When you come from Trekantsambandet (the Triangle Connection) and have cycled across Bømlabrua bridge, you come to Gassasundet sound. There is a car park here at the junction to Moster, which is the starting point for the Around Siggjo route…

  9. Add Round trip Kvalvåg/Halseid to your Itinerary

    Round trip Kvalvåg/Halseid


    5559 Sveio

    1st leg: Sveio village - Bjelland - Krossgått - Våga (asphalt cycle-track and local roads)
    2nd leg: Våga - Kvalvåg - Fjon - E39 (local road)
    3rd leg: from E39 - Route 47 (local road with tarmac)
    4th leg: Søre Våge - Tveit - Sveio village (…

  10. Add Round trip Tysnes (43,5 km) to your Itinerary

    Round trip Tysnes (43,5 km)


    5685 Uggdal

    This is an interesting cycling trip through highly varied scenery, which starts in the coastal village of Våge.

    You cycle through undeveloped areas, over flowering meadows and farm clusters, and through woodland. Large parts of the trip are along…

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