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  1. Add Baroniet Rosendal manorhouse and gardens to your Itinerary

    Baroniet Rosendal manorhouse and gardens


    Baronivegen 60
    5470 Rosendal

    The Barony in Rosendal the only one of its kind in Norway and a major attraction in Western Norway. Among other things, the manor house is famous for its magnificent Renaissance garden and its rich calendar of cultural events, including concerts,…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK40.00 to NOK150.00 Per person
  2. Add Ryvarden Lighthouse to your Itinerary

    Ryvarden Lighthouse


    5550 Sveio

    The Ryvarden Lighthouse on Ryvardsneset is a famous landmark on the coast.

  3. Add Moster Amfi to your Itinerary

    Moster Amfi


    Tora Mostrastongs veg 2
    5440 Mosterhamn

    Moster Amfi comprises the exhibition "From heathendom to Christianity", a thought-provoking tour of Norse mythology, society in the Viking era, and the transformation to the Christian faith and understanding of life. In the Amfi cafe we serve, among…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK100.00 to NOK150.00 Tickets
  4. Add Folgefonnsenteret - Folgefonn Center to your Itinerary

    Folgefonnsenteret - Folgefonn Center


    Skålafjæro 17
    5470 Rosendal

    The Folgefonn Centre in the village of Rosendal, on the Hardangerfjord, offers interactive exhibitions on the Folgefonna National Park, aquatic life in the Hardangerfjord, the world’s water cycle, sustainable use of natural resources, and climate…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK60.00 to NOK250.00 Admission
  5. Add Espevær at Bømlo to your Itinerary

    Espevær at Bømlo


    5444 Espevær
  6. Add Rex Garden - Rhododendron park to your Itinerary

    Rex Garden - Rhododendron park


    5555 Førde i Hordaland

    Visit the beatiful Rhododendron Park "Rex Garden"

    The rhododendron park is a special nature park with over one thousand rhododendron and other plants, some of which are exclusive to the flora in Norway. Most of the plants have been imported…

  7. Add The Mining Museum - Litlabø to your Itinerary

    The Mining Museum - Litlabø


    5417 Stord

    The mine at Litlabø was in operation from 1865 to 1968, and had the most up to 400 employees. In the old mining smithy the story is told through image, artifacts and a large model of the area. Here you can visit a restored working home with…

  8. Add Årbakkavollen to your Itinerary



    5693 Årbakka

    The Årbakkavollen rampart is situated directly above the old trading post. The rampart dates from the early Iron Age (0-550 A.D.), with the remains of at least 20 burial mounds and six standing stones, between one and three metres tall. The trading…

  9. Add Rock carvings to your Itinerary

    Rock carvings


    5590 Etne

    Rock carvings at Helgaberg at Stødle and Duesteinen and Bruteigsteinen in Stordalen can be viewed.

  10. Add The lime oven at Flakka to your Itinerary

    The lime oven at Flakka


    5694 Onarheim

    The rock on the eastern side of Tysnes is rich in lime. It was used for lime burning for many hundreds of years and provided the farms in the area with an unusual supplementary income until 1900.

    The lime was shipped to Bergen and used in…

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