Galleriet på Breidablikk

Galleriet på Breidablikk

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Exhibtion at Moster Amfi

Exhibtion at Moster Amfi

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  1. Add Ryvarden Lighthouse to your Itinerary

    Ryvarden Lighthouse


    5550 Sveio

    The Ryvarden Lighthouse on Ryvardsneset is a famous landmark on the coast.

    At Ryvarden you will find, among other things, Gallery Ryvarden art atelier, cafeteria, the lighthouse masters quarters which can be hired for overnight accomodation…

  2. Add Gallery at Årbakka trading station to your Itinerary

    Gallery at Årbakka trading station


    5693 Årbakka

    During summer, Tysnes Kystlag has a permanent exhibition in the old smithy, "Smio". Here they also have a collection of diesel motors from different boats.

    In the building "Sjøbua" there is an art exhibition with new artists and art work every…

  3. Add Folgefonnsenteret - Folgefonn Center to your Itinerary

    Folgefonnsenteret - Folgefonn Center


    Skålafjæro 17
    5470 Rosendal

    Folgefonnsenteret - The Folgefonn Centre

    The Folgefonn Centre in the village of Rosendal, on the Hardangerfjord, offers interactive exhibitions on the Folgefonna National Park, aquatic life in the Hardangerfjord, the world’s water cycle,…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK60.00 to NOK250.00 Admission
  4. Add From Paganism to Christianity to your Itinerary

    From Paganism to Christianity


    5440 Mosterhamn

    The exhibition "From Paganism to Christianity" takes you on a fascinating journey through the Norse mythology, Viking society and the transition to Christianity. The diaporama "1000 år ei messe" (1,000 years - one mass" depicts the history of the…

  5. Add Exhibition "Stones of Bømlo" to your Itinerary

    Exhibition "Stones of Bømlo"


    5440 Mosterhamn

    The exhibition "Stones of Bømlo" (Steinriket Bømlo) is found in Moster Amfi.

    The tour guide shows you the way to the different mining localities at Bømlo, and it provides a historic overwiev over the different mining chapters and a short brief…

  6. Add Gallery Losjen to your Itinerary

    Gallery Losjen


    Gamle Havnavegen
    5419 Fitjar

    Art exhibitions arranged by Fitjar Kunstlag.

    Opening hours: please see the Galleri Losjen´s Facebook page.

  7. Add The Håkonar Park to your Itinerary

    The Håkonar Park


    5419 Fitjar

    Håkonarparken (Håkon’s park) is situated in the heart of Fitjar village, and has a statue of Håkon I of Norway, who died in the battle against Eirik’s sons in 961 AD. The statue is made by the sculptress Anne Grimdalen.

  8. Add The Milling House to your Itinerary

    The Milling House


    5403 Stord

    Lodging and warehouse for the owners of the Frugards mill, this mill was in operation until the 1950's. A collage shows the history of industry by the Frugardsverg (mill, timber mill, shipbuilding, and power station).

  9. Add Galleri Elisabeth G to your Itinerary

    Galleri Elisabeth G


    5680 Tysnes

    The summer gallery is centrally located on the quay in Våge. Exhibitions featuring the work of many well-known artists. 

  10. Add Galleri Bekkjarvik to your Itinerary

    Galleri Bekkjarvik


    Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri
    5397 Bekkjarvik

    Bekkjarvik Galleri exhibits the work of several creative artists.

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