Årbakka old trading station

Årbakka old trading station

© Rune Øvrebotten

Baroniet Rosendal

Baroniet Rosendal

© Linda Løvfall

Halsnøy Kloster

Halsnøy Kloster

© Atle Helland

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  1. Add Baroniet Rosendal manorhouse and gardens to your Itinerary

    Baroniet Rosendal manorhouse and gardens


    Baronivegen 60
    5470 Rosendal

    The Barony in Rosendal the only one of its kind in Norway and a major attraction in Western Norway. Among other things, the manor house is famous for its magnificent Renaissance garden and its rich calendar of cultural events, including concerts,…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK40.00 to NOK150.00 Per person
  2. Add Sunnhordlandstunet - Leirvik - Sunnhordland Museum to your Itinerary

    Sunnhordlandstunet - Leirvik - Sunnhordland Museum


    5417 Stord

    Sunnhordlandstunet farm, cluster is situated a few minutes´ walk up the hill from the centre of Leirvik, or by car from Sæ.

  3. Add Halsnøy Monastery to your Itinerary

    Halsnøy Monastery


    Halsnøy Kloster
    5455 Halsnøy Kloster

    Halsnøy monastery is on the island Halsnøy in the southern part of Kvinnherad. The monastery was finished in 1164 - built by the viking chief Erling Skakke (Erling the Wry).

  4. Add Bygdetunet Rød to your Itinerary

    Bygdetunet Rød


    Uskedalsveien 321
    5463 Uskedalen

    Bygdetunet Rød is situated in Uskedalen a village 8 miles from Rosendal. The collection contains several buildings and more than 1500 items.

    The Farm Museum consists of dwelling, storehouse, stables, smithy and mill house, dating back to the 1700s.…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK20.00 to NOK50.00 Admission
  5. Add Foundation Fjelberg Rectory to your Itinerary

    Foundation Fjelberg Rectory


    5459 Fjelberg

    Fjelberg Rectory is known as one of the most splendid rectories (parsonage) in Norway. Here you will find 10 buildings, the oldest of which dates back to 1650. The rectory is now much used as a "refugium" for artists, writers and local arrangements …

  6. Add Årbakka trading station and guest harbour to your Itinerary

    Årbakka trading station and guest harbour


    5693 Årbakka

    The trading station at Årbakka

    A classic example of a western norwegian trading station from 1898, sheltered location on the Onarheimsfjord. Tysnes coastal culture association has a coast- and motor collection in the smithy. Art exhibitions in…

  7. Add "The churchyard by the sea" to your Itinerary

    "The churchyard by the sea"


    5554 Valevåg

    "The Churchyard by the Sea”

    The cholera churchyard in Leirvåg is known as the “the Churchyard by the Sea” due to it being the inspiration for one of Fartein Valen’s most famous compositions.

    It was built due to the cholera epidemic in the…

  8. Add Sildajenta - Herring girl to your Itinerary

    Sildajenta - Herring girl


    5397 Bekkjarvik

    The statue "Sildajenta" was made by the artist Arne Mæland. In honour of the many women who worked at the hering factories until the end of the 19th century.

  9. Add The Norwegian Motoring Museum to your Itinerary

    The Norwegian Motoring Museum


    5594 Skånevik

    Documentary museum for the Norwegian production of small craft.

    Guide Price

  10. Add Hufthamartunet to your Itinerary



    5392 Storebø

    Old farm estate near the ferry quay at Hufthamar. The oldest cottage dates back to the seventeenth century.

    Open by appointment.

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