Bømlo Theater

Høvringevikvegen 86
5440 Mosterhamn

+47 91 72 86 84

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Bømlo Theater

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Welcome to Moster AmfiMoster Amfi, BømloMoster Amfi comprises the exhibition "From heathendom to Christianity", a thought-provoking tour of Norse mythology, society in the Viking era, and the transformation to the Christian faith and understanding of life. In the Amfi cafe we serve, among others, "Viking stew" and fresh waffles.

Gallery Moster Amfi, BømloIn Gallery Moster Amfi you can see different exhibiions thoughout the entire year. You can see artwork by both professional artists as well as young artists.

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Postboks 444

N-5403 STORD

E-mail: info@visitsunnhordland.no

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