Espevær at Bømlo

5444 Espevær

+47 53 42 30 00

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Espevær at Bømlo

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Biekronå, Espevær guest harbor, Bømlo

Lobster park - Espevær, BømloExperience a cathedral of wood, stone, water, light and dark. An improbable construction covering 950 m2 of water surface. Hear the lobster fishing tales and see old fishing gear.

The UFO circle, Bømlo

Gamleposten 5444, BømloGamleposten 5444 in Espevær is a magical dining place with local flavours and history. The experience is grown from local traditions, history and flavours that give genuine cuisine.

Samarbeidsrådet for


Postboks 444

N-5403 STORD


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