Haaheim Gaard - shop

5685 Uggdal

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Haaheim Gaard - shop

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Haaheim Gaard - Restaurant, TysnesSavour the flavours of a bygone era in the restaurant, wake up to the smell of newly-baked bread fresh from the oven.

Haaheim Gaard, TysnesSavour the flavours of a bygone era in the restaurant, wake up to the smell of newly-baked bread fresh from the oven. Breakfast is served when the sun shines through the small window panes of our elegant guest rooms.

Malkenes – Haaheim Gaard (19,7 km), Tysnes

Bicycle hire Haaheim Gaard, Tysnes, Tysnes

E H Vaage landhandleri, bageri og dampskibsexpeditionE H Vaage trading station, TysnesE H Vaage, first opened in 1902, is an old trading station. They have now reopened as bakery and chocolate factory.

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