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FitjarTourist Information Office at Fitjar Fjordhotell, FitjarDuring summer, you can visit the touristinformation at the office of Engesund Fishfarm and Display Center, in the center of Fitjar.  The rest of the year, the tourist information is to be found at the town hall.

Fitjar marina, FitjarThe marina is situated in the centre of Fitjar. Traditional general store in the renewed version.

Kråko gjestetun, FitjarFitjar Camping is located close to the sea, around 3 km west of Fitjar centre, in direction Kråko.

Kråko gjestetun, FitjarKråko gjestetun camping is located close to the sea, a short drive from FItjar center. They have 7 canoes available. The area around Kråko is great for a paddle trip.

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