Reception desk at Stord Hotell

Reception desk at Stord Hotell

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  1. Add Åkrafjordtunet tourist info to your Itinerary

    Åkrafjordtunet tourist info


    5590 Etne

    See the waterfall Langfoss in Etne, Åkrafjord, - one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world! Information about this great municipality at Åkrafjordtunet, by the road E134 in Åkrafjord. At Åkrafjordtunet you will also find at grocery store…

  2. Add Austevoll Tourism Association to your Itinerary

    Austevoll Tourism Association


    Bekkjarvik Torg
    2 etasje
    5397 Bekkjarvik

    During summer, the tourist information is located at Bekkjarvik Torg, in the center of Bekkjarvik. The rest of the year the tourist information is located at Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri.

  3. Add Bømlo Tourist Information to your Itinerary

    Bømlo Tourist Information


    Bømlo Kulturhus
    Kulturhusevgen 20
    5430 Bremnes

    Welcome to Bømlo tourist information!he

    Located at Bømlo cultural center all year.

  4. Add Fugl Fønix Tourist Info to your Itinerary

    Fugl Fønix Tourist Info


    5590 Etne

    The tourist information in Etne is located at Fugl Fønix Hotel. Open every day, all year.

  5. Skånevik Fjordhotel


    Strondavegen 2695
    5593 Skånevik

    Tourist information at Skånevik Fjordhotel.

    Open every day, all year.

  6. Add Stord Culture Centre, Leirvik to your Itinerary

    Stord Culture Centre, Leirvik


    Hamnegata 1
    5402 Stord

    In the cultural center (kulturhuset) of Stord, you will find a cinema as well asother cultural activities taking place throughout the year.

  7. Add Tourist office - Sveio to your Itinerary

    Tourist office - Sveio


    Sveiogata 66
    5550 Sveio

    The touristinformation in Sveio is situated in the shop Sveio Libris & Ringo - which is open alle year around in the shops opening hours.

  8. Add Tysnes Tourist office to your Itinerary

    Tysnes Tourist office


    Uggdalsvegen 301
    5685 Uggdal

    Våge is the municipality´s shopping centre, while the administrative centre is situated in Uggdal. The City Hall is the Tourist information during winter/autumn.

    In summer, the tourist information is to be found at Tysnes Turistkontor

  9. Add Kvinnherad Tourist Information, Rosendal to your Itinerary

    Kvinnherad Tourist Information, Rosendal


    Skålafjæro 17
    5470 Rosendal

    Kvinnherad Tourist Information is situated in the centre of Rosendal at the Folgefonn centre, where the Hardangerfjord express arrives from Bergen.

  10. Add The tourist information at Husnes to your Itinerary

    The tourist information at Husnes


    Sentrumsvegen 39
    5460 Husnes

    Open the whole year through (except for holidays). Please see the web site of Kvinnherad library for opening hours.

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